Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey You Guuuuyyyys! A New Electric Company Starts in January!

The Electric Company Logo
The new Electric Company will feature a group of four culturally-diverse teens—Lisa, Keith, Jessica, and Hector—who have powers to make and manipulate words in (educationally) cool ways. From a natural-foods diner, somewhere in New York City, they fight word crimes, particularly those of the mischevious (but not truly evil) Pranksters. Each episode will tell a story featuring these characters, with animated and live-action phonics lessons sprinkled in here and there, focusing on vocabulary. That's something the original show didn't really do, but that's another sign of the times, since PBS Kids' research has shown that kids today need a lot of help on that front. They have also, as with the original, made sure to make the show funny, because they know they'll hold kids' interest a whole lot better if they do. And there will, again, be someone in a gorilla suit making occasional appearances. (There've been rumors of Rita Moreno making a cameo on the new show, and I'm holding out a little hope for Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby, too.)
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