Sunday, March 01, 2009

Twitter as a blogging CMS

Here are 2 services that use Twitter as a blogging CMS. I think this is kind of a cool idea.

You like macro-blogging because you can use a rich combination of text, pictures and videos to express your point of view.But sometimes 140 characters is just not enough to say or show what you really want to say.If you want the best of both worlds then twitblogs is the perfect twitter companion for you. Just try it.
Twitblogs | The Micro-Sharing Platform

When its too long to tweet, just TwitWall it! TwitWall is the easy-to-use, quick-to-blast-out, instant blog companion for Twitter. With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload your photos, mp3 music or podcasts, - you name it. Just the kind of stuff to keep your followers following (fans cheering, or clients calling). All that, while still enjoying the many social-goodness and customization features you enjoy on Twitter.

Welcome! TwitWall - Instant Blogging Companion for Twitter

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  1. Tom, Thanks for mentioning TwitWall. One visit and you'll see why thousands of Twitter users evangelize TwitWall to their friends and followers. TwitWall hosts a huge array of content from Tweeters worldwide: from humor to art, from everyday tips to everyday recipes. And more are being added and promoted daily.

    Again, thanks.
    Michael E. Carluen Developer


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