Friday, July 17, 2009

Film buffs community « Filmaster is a new social network for movie fans featuring personalized content and recommendations. And all that free as in beer and as in speech. Filmaster allows you to run your own movie blog in a great domain like, rate movies and talk about movies with people whose opinions you care about.

Filmaster is niche by design. We're not even thinking of competing with huge sites like IMDB or RottenTomatoes in terms of number of movies, trailers and pageviews. We're also not going against Flixter -- a MySpace for movies. We chose the hard way. We're creating a place for real movie freaks -- people for who film is not just entertainment. And we want to make Filmaster a place on the web to discuss good movies with people who know what they're talking about.

Film buffs community «
An open source movie review community site with some great features and I like the interface style. Since my wife runs a theater I think this is something Dexter and I should probably get active on :)

You can follow it's creator Borys Musielakon too.
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