Friday, February 02, 2007

police bot will clean up lawless Waukesha, Wisconsin

After researching all of the pre-built tactical bots on the market, Waukesha officer Daniel Baumman decided that none met the specific needs of his unit, so he cleverly recruited student volunteers from the Milwaukee School of Engineering to design one for him; in a classic win-win situation, the students get academic credit for building the killbot out of donated parts, while the city gets free tech and only has to pay for fuel and maintenance. Although this real-life Robocop has already proven its skill at negotiating unfamiliar structures -- even climbing up and down stairs -- the students have not yet been able to implement a radio-control system that works reliably through walls, severely limiting its utility.

Taser-equipped police bot will clean up lawless Waukesha, Wisconsin - Engadget

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